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Über, Sportmediziner, Sportwissenschaftler. Zertifizierter Ernährungsberater, zertifizierter Bikefitter. Schwimmanalyse. Performance triathlon coach.

Dr. Arturs Einträge


  • Oleg 27. März 2023

    I was looking for a coach with a deep knowledge of medicine. Because I could not complete two seasons in a row due to permanent illness. Artur adapts the training plan to all my specific needs. And it works perfectly: no serious illnesses or injuries. Instead, I am in the best physical shape I have ever been and have beaten my personal bests.
    I recommend Artur as a professional with a deep understanding of nutrition, recovery, medicine, and mental care.

  • George 14. März 2023

    Great coach. It was very difficult for me to pick a coach and I eventually met Artur. I am now very happy training with him online.
    I improved my results significantly in a quite short period of time, but I am grateful for psychological, nutritional and even biochemical tips the most. Very much appreciated. I have a scientific background, therefore evidence-based tools in everyday life and certainly sport are very important to me.
    Enjoy the hard!

  • Roman Schiller 23. November 2022

    Amazing trainer. Artur is passionate and dedicated. He motivates me to push harder, and to believe in myself.
    He creates a comfortable and easy atmosphere that I have never experienced with another Coach’s/Trainings apps. It allows me to push myself harder and achieve better results.🥳
    I live the exclusive private experience and would not train with any other Fitnesscoach in Ulm, Augsburg, Stuttgart.
    Highly recommended! 🏆

  • Alexandr 17. November 2022

    Artur is a wonderful coach!
    We started working together on my goal of completing a half-marathon which I successfully achieved. After that, I started to do triathlon and after hard work, individual training plans and adjustment for my level and body, I was able to finish 6 triathlon races (2 sprints, 2 Olympics, 2 half-ironmans) with great results for the first season ever!

    He is very polite and inspirational. Always gave me the motivation to work hard at the moment of trainings while focusing on the final high-level goal.
    I learned a lot of theoretical and practical things about how my body works, how sport impacts the muscles, cardiovascular system, how weight loss/gain works etc.

    I definitely recommend him as a coach if you really want to achieve the results you are dreaming about!

  • Ronja Titze 16. November 2022

    Geht im Trainingsplan auf meine Wünsche, Arbeitszeiten (Schichtdienst) und bereits vorhandene Grundlagen ein. Unterstützt mich in der Reha von einer Verletzung. Ist bei Fragen immer schnell zu erreichen und kann auch kurzfristige Änderungen noch in den Plan integrieren. Berät mich was Wettkämpfe und Material angeht und hat aufgrund seiner eigenen Wettkampferfahrung wirklich viel Wissen. Mit Artur zu trainieren motiviert mich total und bringt mich voran! Könnte mir keinen anderen Coach vorstellen!